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You can control the car toy by gesture control or remote control. It's an great way for kids to develop their hand and brain coordination during play.



Driving on 2 sides



The unique double-sided body designed, this rc stunt car can keep moving even flipped. Double-sided driving more driving experience.




Right and left 360° rotating



Installed the optimized stunt tires, amazing fancy 360° rotation, brings you ultimate driving experience.




Unique modern design tires



Due to the mecanum wheels design, it can move directions or drift sideways, super flexible. It is not a old-school rc cars, can bring unlimited happiness to your kids.




LED light and engine sound



The light built-in the wheels, the cars emits simulated engine sound, feeling more real experience, you can enjoy lot fun at night.




Sprayer function



Add water into the car with the attached water dropper bottle, it will sprays car exhaust like a real car! kids can enjoy this toys car either during the day or at night.




Powerful 4WD system



Kids remote control car equipped with 4WD system powerful motors to enhance climbing and off-road ability.



Operation for remote control switch to hand control:




   ●Turn off the remote control car, take out the controller battery.


   ●First turn on the rc car. The car will make noise.


   ●Put the battery in the hand control and turn it on, it will flashing blue light.


   ●When the 3 blue lights flashing together, it means the hand controller is in standby mode. Please press the power button, then the 3 blue lights will flashing in sequence, which means the hand controller has finished matching.


   ●Enjoying fun with AAA777USA remote control car!



AAA777USA™ Big Size RC Stunt Car Red Amazing Toy with Gesture Remote Control


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