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AAA777USA’s™ journey starts with Mr. ARK, an ambitious creative entrepreneur, who learned early on that the key to having a better society lies in bringing health and happiness to people, especially in their formative years of life. 


ARK’s interest in giving back to his community by helping them be more physically and mentally healthy began when as a young teenager selling bubble wands in amusement parks, he realized that simple things such as toys can bring a big warm smile and an unimaginable level of happiness for a child. 


The company AAA777USA™ was born out of Mr. ARK’s goal to create a happy world for as many people as possible daily. Parents, just as much as kids, will enjoy playing with toys as everyone has an inner child who will never get old. 


Mr. ARK wholeheartedly believes that maintaining good health is closely linked to the psychology of feeling happy and these two are inextricably interwoven. His products are designed to lift spirits emotionally alongside improving people’s physical health. 


In this company, we ultimately aim to help boost people’s health as well as create some laughter-filled moments for them with the toys and games we design. Doing so can lead to having a much happier world to live 




Our main values include :

✔️Providing natural products  ✔️Precision  ✔️Efficacy   ✔️ Beauty


"AAA" standing for Accommodating All Ages’

healthcare needs and emotional well-being

"777" which is a really lucky number

"USA" is where our company is located



This is ARK, founder of AAA777USA™ company based in California, United States. I started making money by selling bubble wands in amusement parks when I was thirteen years old during the summer holiday. That’s how I became closely engaged with the kids and their happy world and I realized that there is a close connection between children’s mental health, their confidence and happiness, and the games they play, or toys they play with.

These are all connected to each other in a chain.

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